Balcony garden in June

June is slowly coming to an end so I come with this new garden update. Here are some quick news.

Our little jungle have really started to grow. Cold weather in the spring did not suit the plants well, but the sunny June has been a great boost to them. Everything is blooming, even zucchini are growing and we have already harvested the first crop of strawberries! Unfortunately, just like last year, we struggle with aphids and powdery mildew, but so far I’ve lost only one coriander plant. The rest of the garden seems to win a battle.

Our two years old insect hotel is full of life. Besides wild bees, there are also some wild wasps moved in. Our cat adores to watch them. I restarted our vermicomposter, it unfortunately completely died out during my final exam’s studies in the winter (RÑďa was quite happy for sure : -D), but the new generation of earthworms is there. Few weeks ago I found out that pumpkins seedlings have sprouted spontaneously from the compost, so I tried to pot one of them now I can’t wait if I’ll have my own pumpkins! Zucchinis are doing great so I guess pumpkins should be growing as well.

I have also planted a few new plants, especially beautiful blue hostas and Fatsia Japonica for a shady spot on the balcony. Unfortunately I ‘ve lost my lavender but I plan to give it one more try because I just love it so much.

Here’s how it looks after a month or so:

One corner with pond and insect hotel. The lime tree is lush and green again.


The water lily and other plants are growing nicely, they filter and oxygenates he water so there’s no algae or mosquitoes issues so far. I don’t even need to change the water regularly, I just top off for evaporation.
Hydrangea finally blooms. Unfortunately, I do not manage to keep it in blue color, although I have added a new peat and a special fertilizer. The color of hydrangeas depends on the pH of the soil – they are blue in acidic pH and pink in alkaline.
The rose Joie de Vivre, which I planted in May, also blooms. Powdery mildew appeared on it two weeks ago, but dry and sunny weather helped a lot, and I don’t see any more damage.
Geraniums bloom beautifully, I fertilize them once a week with organic fertilizer.
I’m really excited about the palm tree, It adda great tropical feeling. I water it once or twice a week and fertilize it every two weeks.
Tomatoes and chili peppers finally bloom and hopefully we will get some fruit
Rocket and strawberries are doing well
The fig tree grows beautifully, but the wild strawberries planted beneath it are struggling with powdery mildew. Fortunately, they are slowly recovering.
Our own small zucchinis
Little urban jungle
Fatsia japonica with blue hosta in a large pot next to the cat tree. Both plants benefit from a shade and a slightly damper substrate. And Daenerys is also happy in the middle of this jungle πŸ™‚
Hosta and Fatsia japonica
One of those pumpkin seedlings from the compost. Let’s see how it grows in next weeks



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