Jungle pot

Once again, I needed to make myself happy so I ran into a gardening shop! This time, instead of buying plants for my balcony, I bought some fresh greenery for the living room. I love flower pots made up of several types of plants, all of them together. I think that it looks much more interesting than just one plant in one pot. And a lot of space is saved. It is only necessary to choose plants with more or less similar care requirements and a large enough pot. Or you have to count on the fact that when those plants grow up, you’ll either need to periodically reduce them and cut them out or you can put them back to separate containers.

I chose four easy plants for my mini jungle: beautiful pink Guzmania, purple Anthurium, Philonendron and Asplenium. I wanted it to have that lush jungle look.



I used a self-irrigating flower pot (I’m lazy and sometimes do forget about watering) and a substrate for houseplants. I put the plants relatively densely together, but the pot is deep enough so roots do have enough space to grow.  I have been cultivating outdoor  plants the same way for years and they are doing great.



The result is a mini piece of jungle in green, pink and white tones. Philodendron, when he grows up, will nicely fall over the edge of the pot, creating an interesting effect. I’ll see how the flowers are going together in a limited space, but it shouldn’t be a big problem with regular care. And since I have to replant my existing plants after some time I’m already thinking about how many different combinations of them can I put together. I definitely need few more pots. Or maybe a lot more pots… 😀


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