Balcony garden in May

I’ve decided to go for a new concept of regular monthly photo updates of my gardening effort. This year’s May has been unbelievably cold so far, everything grows very slow, but some progress is still visible, especially on strawberries that will soon begin to ripen. I bought some new plants, the biggest of which is definitely Trachycarpus fortunei. I longed for the seaside atmosphere and this palm is ideal for me. It’s winter hardy, so it should survive more than one season in here. I’ve also added two Canadian blueberries, they have been blooming so far and yesterday I spotted my very first, still small and green blueberries.

Trachycarpus fortunei
A general view. I have new Canadian blueberries on the bottom left
Canadian blueberries. Old pots fragments keep the substrate moist and, most importantly, our cat does not dig it out πŸ˜€
Lime tree (on the right) lost a lot of its leaves in April, but new ones are coming out. I moved the herb pot with coriander, melissa and perilla out of the sunny spot. Now they ‘re right next to my hydrangea, because they all thrive better in partial shade.

I’ve also tried to plant one rose, it ‘s a variety called Joie de Vivre, which is smaller in size (about 60cm) so it’s suitable for growing in containers. It blooms in beautiful, light salmon pink color. It already has a few tiny buds, so I can’t wait to see first blossoms. Next to the rose I’ve planted a French lavender, it complements it beautifully and should repel aphids and other pests. And as a bonus, it immediately began to attract honeybees and bumblebees.

“Joie de Vivre” rose and the French lavender
Honeybees and bumblebees love the French lavender
And our predator loves those honeybees and bumblebees πŸ™‚
Geraniums bloom beautifully, they have the same dark pink color as the flower pots, so it all goes well together. I’ve decided to stick to a uniform color scheme – from light pink (rose), through dark pink (geraniums) to purple (lavender, Campanula).

Even my mini-pond is doing nicely, the water-lily has three new leaves and the willow falls beautifully over the edges of the container. The container bulged a bit because of the water pressure, but I decided to leave it as it doesn’t look so bad and there is even bigger surface for planting πŸ˜€

I have added few more floating plants and finally a solar fountain that I am so excited about. It has a backup battery, so it works even after dark or when it’s cloudy outside.

All plants in the pond are growing well
Even our little predator enjoys the pond and of course have already felt into it several times
Finally we have a fountain! It oxygenates the water and the sound is so calming.

In addition to ornamental flowers, I’ve also planted some vegetables – rhubarb, chard and zucchini. I threw them all together in one big pot and I’ll see how they’re doing in next few weeks. I hope that after a slow and cold start, everything will finally start to grow, and you’ll see a lush jungle in my next update.

Have a beautiful (and hopefully sunny) day!


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