Balcony pond

So I threw myself into another gardening experiment. I love water features in the garden and I plan to build a wildlife pond in our cottage garden. At the same time, I would love to have a piece of water also here at home, so I searched the internet for some inspiration and I made a simple mini pond from a large flower container.

Time will show if everything goes well, but theoretically, in keeping with the basic rules, there is no reason not to grow water plants at least during the summer. The advantage of small pond is mainly that you can change the water regularly (I plan to water the rest of the balcony with it) to reduce the growth of any algae.

Materials: a pot of about 50 liters (without drain holes), baskets for water plants, special soil for water plants. Plants: Iris, Japanese horsetail, water lily, Creeping-Jenny and Elodea.
I planted all plants in special baskets and placed them in the right depth. The water lily will be completely at the bottom and the rest, as they are mud plants, should be submerged only to the top of the substrate. The demands of individual species and where to put them in the pond can be found mostly on a label from the shop.
Pond on the final site and my helper πŸ™‚
I gradually added fresh water. Finally I submerged my water lily and Elodea, these two should clean and oxygenate the water and keep it out of algae and cyanobacteria.


And this is how it looks filled with water, all the plants should grow a lot, and I plan to add a small solar fountain to keep the water circulating to reduce the growth of algae and the possible presence of mosquitoes.

Overall, the planting took me only a few minutes, I still have to install a solar fountain, and I consider filling the bottom with aquarium gravel as a substrate for bacteria that will serve as biological filtration. I’ll definitely post an update when everything settles down.


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