DIY soy candles with essential oils

As a lover of Yankee Candles, I have always wanted to try home-made scented candles. It’s so simple and the result is absolutely beyond expectations. I used a fair amount of essential oils, so they smell really beautiful and the vegetable wax with natural scents is a lot healthier and greener option compared to paraffin. Try it!



  • soybean or other vegetable wax, possibly beeswax
  • a favorite essential oil or their blend – I combined lavender and lemon grass
  • glass jars
  • cotton wicks
  • pot and hot water bowl
  • ladle
  • skewers or pegs to secure the wick
Prepare a water bath – pour a few centimeters of water to the bottom of the pan, place a smaller pot or bowl inside so that the wax is not in direct contact with the stove
Heat the wax slowly to a moderate degree and mix the it until it dissolves completely
Add essential oils to the dissolved wax. I recommend at least 2-3ml to 100ml of wax so that the candles are nicely fragrant. You can experiment using different concentrations and try up to 10% fragrance essence.
Pour the wax carefully into jars
Fix the wick in a vertical position – use skewers or a clothes pin.
Let the wax cool down and it’s done.

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