Delicious lavender syrup

The lavender season is coming soon, its fragrance is an unmistakable symbol of summer for me, and whenever I feel it, I remember the vast lavender fields in my beloved Provence. You can grow lavender easily, it only needs a large enough pot, well-drained soil and a sunny, drier spot. It has a ton of uses, and in addition to the cosmetics industry, it can also find its place in the kitchen. Last year I tried to make this delicious lavender syrup for the first time and the result exceeded all expectations. The only mistake was that I didn’t make enough of it, so this year I will definitely be better!


  • 200g lavender flowers (even with green parts) cut into pieces
  • 2 liters of water
  • 4 organic lemons
  • 1.5kg sugar (white or better cane)

Cut lavender flowers into pieces and lemons into quaters. Add in the water, bring it to a boil and immediately shut down. Leave it to soak for 24 hours. Then remove all the solid parts, add sugar and some more lemon juice cook until all the sugar dissolves, the liquid thickens and gets a “syrupy” consistency. Carefully pour the hot syrup into clean glass jars, close the lid, place it upside down and let it cool completely. The syrup will last in the fridge for several weeks. In combination with a chilled soda and a lemon wheel, you get an excellent summer lemonade. And you can also use it for cooking – a few drops will  amazingly scent baked pastries, such as muffins. I recommend you to try it!

Lavender fields in Provence
We are not the only ones who love lavender

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