New beginnings

Although it didn’t look like that in the last few days, spring is finally here. And with the spring comes new growing season and the very first post of my blog. I was born in Prague, but since my childhood I have been constantly digging in the soil and growing something. This passion remained in my adulthood, and it was clear what would happen if my apartment with a large balcony came under my hand. At first I only started with ornamental flowers, but soon I discovered how great it is to grow something edible and fresh in the middle of the city. Gradually, there were strawberries, tomatoes, herbs, radishes and other yummy edibles. I decided to start writing about the development of this microcosmos (and not just about it), and although I ‘m not that good writer (especially in english), I hope that next pages can still serve as an inspiration to similar amateur dendrophiles like me 🙂

This year I have started very early. I sowed tomatoes and chili peppers into a  mini greenhouse in February and then at the beginning of March I planted geraniums and more resistant vegetables (spinach, radishes and several kinds of salads) outside. Most herbs and perennials have managed this year’s harsh winter well beyond expectation, even though I had no chance to overwinter them inside. Even my olive tree survived under a layer of insulation. And my hydrangeas are slowly preparing to bloom. So here is a small photo documentation of how it looks at us right now.

Tarragon survived the harsh frosts, rosemary is new for this year
I sown spring onion and radish straight into the outdoor box at the beginning of March, and this is how they look now
The spinach is ready to be harvested, the lamb’s lettuce and lettuce have to grow
The upper row of boxes is planted with white and pink geraniums that bloom beautifully until late autumn and can withstand even the worst summer heat.
I love herbs! It’s so good to go from the kitchen straight to the balcony and pick some fresh chives, thyme or basil
Tomatoes are still inside 



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